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Whether you’re looking for site development for your commercial property, or you need excavating services at your residential property, Warthog Excavating is ready to tackle your project.
Stump Removal NY

Lot Clearing/Stump Removal

Lot clearing is much more than just cutting down trees, removing stumps and pushing soil around. There are many factors to consist before starting the work and even during the clearing process. The first step is to understand from the owner how the lot will be used once the work is completed. Is the cleared lot for new construction, a renovation or maybe expanding an existing yard? The purpose of the clearing will dictate which trees stay and which ones should be removed, along with items like what the finish grading will look like.


Standing water or soggy soil can be a major inconvenience when it comes to maintaining a yard or landscaping. Water that is not properly moved away from foundations or buildings can cause severe damage to structures and can end up costing owners significant repair dollars. We work with the owner to determine the root cause of the water issue, where the best place to relocate the water and then use a variety of techniques and drainage materials to move water away from the area being impacted.

Driveway Rough In

A gravel driveway can be very attractive in a characteristically unpretentious way, introducing casual curb appeal to the first and last element of your home that a visitor sees. Throughout the United States, gravel remains a perennially popular driveway, not only for its aesthetics, but also for its relatively low cost in comparison with the alternatives.
Foundation NY


Foundations are made from a variety of materials, concrete, block, stone, treated wood. Today, reinforced concrete is used in the majority of homes. We dig full basement height foundations, slab on grade or crawl space height depending on your needs and building plans. Our experienced team understand what is need to make sure the most important part of your new building your foundation is done correctly and long lasting.

Concrete & Demolition

Whether it’s an old concrete sideway, a deteriorating retaining wall or a whole building, our team has the capability to provide low impact demoing services for either the small job or large structure. We can accommodate tight access, along with arranging the hauling away of debris and final grading.
Grading NY


Finish grading is the addition or removal of soil within two inches of existing grade to allow for proper drainage. This process is normally completed prior to the sowing of grass seed or the installation of sod. Finish grading is done around newly finished construction projects that are ready to have turf installed. It is achieved by using a bull dozer or other equipment to move quantities of dirt around to establish the proper grade to your land. Once completed, a finish grader is used to smooth the newly moved dirt.  This also removes rocks and debris while pulverizing the soil. Hand tools are used around foundations, trees, fire hydrants, and curbs to help the soil drain properly. Finish grading ensures proper drainage and prepares your soil for planting.
Trenching NY


We offer trenching services for a variety of purposes, some common examples are the following; water line, conduit for underground electrical services, lateral sewer line and day-light drainage. We have the capability to dig a trench as deep as 10 feet.

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